Program For Adult 21 years and over

Unique HCC offers the following personal care services for the Intellectual Disabled & Mental Health
consumers on short term and long-term basis for all ages-home bond or independent living.

We provides wide range of services to individuals with developmental disabilities. The
agency has been supporting people with developmental disabilities and their families since 2007.

Included are: mentally ill, Intellectual or/and Developmentally Disabled, Autism, brain injury, duel diagnoses, MICA etc. 

We provide high quality services for people with developmental disabilities, and support for their families and for others who will benefit from our services. 

Our services are responsive to the ethnic and cultural diversity of the communities we serve.


Community activities support

Individualized Support in Daily Living Skills/Direct Care support

Support Coordination/ Community integration

Supportive living Participating and utilizing community Resources.

Supported Employment / Job Coach

Respite care and Hotel Respite

Housing/Independent Living Program

Assist in Personal Care/Teaching

Assist in Community Activities/Mentoring

Specialized in tutoring in all Subjects including Computer Training Class

In-home Counseling/Therapy

Crisis Intervention and Stabilization

Behavioral Management

Budgeting & maintaining the home  

ARTS & CRAFTS–In-Home Instruction available all year round per arrangement with family and the individual

Services for DDD/Mental Health Consumers

Supported Employment is provide to assist persons in obtaining and maintaining competitive employment in the community and encourages work, social interaction, and integration. Staff is assigned to an individual to train and be of (moral and hands on) support at the job site until proficiency is achieved. The goal is to assist the employee with a disability in learning and performing the job and adjusting to the work environment. Follow-up or support services are provided as long as necessary.

Respite care in the Consumers’ home, in an approved home or in the Community to temporarily relief the primary care-givers of their responsibilities and could be in a form of extended weekend care. Respect is provided when the Primary Caregiver takes a vacation, during an emergency or the death or hospitalization of a family member.

Hotel Respite basically has the same definition as Respite except it is provided in a “hotel" setting for individuals still living at home that needs supervision. It enables the caregiver to have a period of rest and renewal. Personal care staff accompanies and supervise our Consumers for a personalized planned weekend care at a hotel or guest house. This is provided in a group of five or more consumers.

Respite in an approved DDD home is the same as above except that services are in a private approved home.

 Habilitation is provided in the Consumers= home or in the community in the areas of social, health, welfare, communication, by empowering Consumers through the provision of individual desire for independency as per plan of care. Included are: arranging use of community resources, recreational outing, training in money management, handling of emergencies, support housing, safety & community awareness, community recreational activities, socialization or self help groups

Transitional Housing is provided for individual consumer who needed to mainstream into the community. Consumers are assisted with housing needs through Licensed Real Estate Brokers working with the agency. We assist with the necessary paperwork to accomplish consumers= housing needs.

Independent Living Program: we work with the individual consumer and the family members to develop (a Transitional) Independent Living Plan focused on a successful transition to the community or living independently from the family. We work with consumer through empowering on the skills needed to be independent:

Individual Support:  in the Consumers home, or within the community supporting in the area of daily living skills and personal assistance:

Job attainment and maintenance

Vocational training.- Locating and maintaining housing.- Banking and budgeting.- Awareness of community resources.- Socialization. College preparation.- Career exploration.- Nutrition and Health

Assist in Personal Care/Teaching

Training in hygiene, grooming, cooking/support budgeting, medication support (limited to prompting), and escorting residents to medical/dental appointments

Individualized Support in Daily Living Skills